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Firma oziroma ime: AIRPASS d.o.o.
Zakoniti zastopnik: g. Miloš Vujadinovič
Davčna številka: SI37864874
Matična številka: 5923719
Naslov: Vošnjakova 16, 1000 Ljubljana
Telefonska številka: 01/ 430 7000
Številka telefaksa: 01/ 430 7100
Elektronski naslov:, Splet:
Število redno zaposlenih: 13
Transakcijski račun odprt pri NLB d.d.: 02010-0018171558
Osnovni kapital: EUR 188.000,00


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How do I make reservation or payment?

First find the offer, you are interested in. You can do that with our search engine. On the offer’s detail page, choose your preferred payment type and follow further instructions. Reservation is a step-by-step procedure. In every step, you are required to enter the data, requested from you. Finally choose which type of payment you will make and select “Confirm reservation.”

I can’t find an arrangement I want

Very likely you have entered terms that don’t aply to any of offers. You can try to search with more general parameters.

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